Jan 12

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So I have been doing quite a bit of work lately with continuous integration and auto-builds using Hudson (which I am really liking).  And one of my goals is to have applications abstracted in such a way that the same build that is used for local development can also be used in QA, staging and deployment, but be fed different settings appropriate for each environment.  That way when you addressing issues that seem to always crop up when you deploy to live, you don’t have to wonder what’s different between the different builds you would normally have to make to incorporate the varying environment settings.

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Oct 20



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All the kids getting their faces painted

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Apr 01

So I had a question about using my prototyped stripWhitespace function for Strings in AS3. Since it was written for actionscript 2 it has a few different problems when using it in AS3. First of all, variables are not typed at all, which is almost required in AS3. Next, it uses prototyping, which in AC3 should really only be used in very special circumstances. So I updated the function for use in AS3, using a utility class instead. Take a look.
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Jan 09

So the other day I was using a DataGrid to show a data-set from an ArrayCollection, and I thought a great visual cue would be to highlight specific rows based upon the data like this:


But after digging and searching through the docs, discovered to my surprise that the DataGrid component did not have this capability. So I did what every good developer does first, and started Googling, expecting to find someone who had faced this problem and solved it. Continue reading »

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Jun 09

So I have a few other prototypes in my toolbox that I usually use with every project. Nothing real wow about them, but I was really getting sick of setting _x and _y in two statements. If I’m setting one, I’m almost always setting the other, so why not do it one statement instead of two. So while I was at it I did the same for _width and _height. Anyway here they are. There’s a couple more String prototypes to boot. Take a peek.

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Jun 09

Here is a useful little actionscript prototype function I wrote to remove extra whitespace (spaces, tabs, returns, linefeeds) from strings.
Since Flash doesn’t ignore extra whitespace in HTML the way browsers do, it’s particularly useful in removing that extra whitespace in HTML you don’t want in a textfield.

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